After the closing of the gates of the 10-year-edition of the Maker Faire Bay Area, we can summarize the results of our presence there.

As you may already know from our previous social media communications, via Twitter and Facebook, we were there, hosted by Atmel‘s booth, to showcase our little new jewel: the SmartEverything.

The people of Makers attending the #MakerFaire welcomed our tiny IoT development board with great enthusiasm, and we were both grateful to all of the visitors who came and asked for information, and proud of being there.

As we’ve announced, SmartEverything is Arduino-IDE compatible and who else, but Massimo Banzi, could be there with us, and support us in our new adventure?

Thank you Massimo! We’re glad you appreciated our board and that we’ve been able to work so close by during all of the Maker Faire.

Well….IoT developers, #Arduino-fans, #Genuino-fans….we’re here to stay and to serve you as best as we can with our developments and our boards.

Let’s work towards a better and more connected world, let’s work towards a secure Internet of Things and let’s meet again soon!